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[Recording available] Data analytics and data integration of complex data 2017-05-11
[Recording available] Clustering in advanced data analytics. Bottom-up? Top-down? Or both? 2017-05-18
[Recording available] Hierarchical modeling for ‘zoom-in/zoom-out’ and multi-block data analytics 2017-05-23
[Recording available] Stability testing using MODDE® 12 2018-02-08
[Recording available] Use of Generalized Subset Designs (GSD) in multivariate calibration 2018-02-20
[Recording available] Design of Experiments (DOE) and Quality by design (QBD) in Bioassay Optimization 2018-02-22
[Recording available] Batch modeling of multi-phase and recurring-phase processes 2018-03-22
[Recording available] Process monitoring and deviation analysis – the role of the Shewhart, CuSum and EWMA control charts 2018-04-10
[Recording available] What-If functionality in SIMCA® 15 2018-04-12
[Recording available] Scripting in SIMCA® 15 2018-04-26
[Recording available] Wavelets and their use in data analytics 2018-05-08
[Recording available] Data Driven Drug Discovery 2018-05-09
[Recording available] Data analytics in preference mapping 2018-05-22
[Recording available] On the use of supersaturated designs in DOE 2018-05-24
[Recording available] Five levels of Pattern Recognition (PARC) 2018-06-14
[Recording available] Using Six Sigma for process improvement 2018-10-04
[Recording available] Cross-validation and other model validation tools. Part 1 – A view on some model validation tools 2018-10-30
[Recording available] Cross-validation and other model validation tools. Part 2 – Cross-validation: pitfalls and possibilities 2018-11-06
[Recording available] Using Umetrics® Suite in Six Sigma DMAIC methodology 2018-11-08
Analytical needs for continuous processing, a shift from assurance to automation and advanced control 2019-01-31
Using a data driven approach to design next generation manufacturing processes 2019-02-26