Use of Generalized Subset Designs (GSD) in multivariate calibration

The generalized subset designs, GSD, is a new entry in MODDE, which is ideally suited for multivariate calibration applications. The use of DOE in multivariate calibration need not only involve systematic changes in the levels or concentrations of the analytes. On the contrary, a way of making the calibration model more robust to batch-to-batch variation in the main constituents (or other undesirable sources of variation) consists of imposing simultaneous changes to the concentrations of the constituents and the settings of occurring process and/or matrix factors. Thus, applications of DOE in multivariate calibration may easily involve many factors at many levels. In this context, the novel GSD approach represents a viable alternative for reducing the number of experiments required.

Attend this webinar and get familiar with the novel design alternative in MODDE 12. The use case is a multivariate calibration study investigating the usability of microwave resonance spectroscopy for determining water content in tablets.

Topics of this webinar:

- An introduction to multivariate calibration from the DOE perspective
- Basic elements of the GSD design entry
- GSD in standalone mode
- GSD in sequential mode
- Other applications of GSD
- Demonstration of MODDE 12 using the microwave resonance spectroscopy dataset