Multivariate Data Analysis in Translational Medicine

Using different omics techniques in order to study complex diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, has become common in how research is performed today. Using metabolomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics, we have been able to find common and unique molecular fingerprints for aorta aneurysm, myocardial infarction, and diabetes mellitus. The analyses were performed using PCA, OPLS and OPLS-DA.

Attend this webinar and understand how state-of-the art omics data analytics tools are used on a daily basis at SciLifeLab in Stockholm, Sweden.

*) Sanela Kjellqvist took her PhD in biochemistry at Uppsala University in 2008. Thereafter, she did her postdoc working with analysis of omics data in cardiovascular diseases at Karolinska Institutet. Sanela holds a position as senior expert in multivariate data analysis at Science for Life Laboratory in Stockholm. She has 15 years of experience using different multivariate data analysis tools in her research.