Data analytics in preference mapping

Compilation of preference data is often done by companies to understand how various products are accepted and perceived by customers. We will address two kinds of analyses, namely (i) conjoint analysis and (ii) preference mapping. Conjoint analysis is a technique founded on the use of design of experiments (DOE), whereby a product is modified in its key attributes according to a design. Customers are then asked for their opinions about the different versions of the product. Preference mapping is used to find relations between customer preferences and sensory attributes from a trained panel of sensory judges. Join this webinar and learn how the OPLS and O2PLS methods are ideally suited for the analysis of preference data.

Topics for this webinar:

- An introduction to OPLS and O2PLS
- Screening of preliminary product versions (concepts) for highlighting respondent preferences
- Finding relationships between sensory data and consumer data
- Understanding of consumer preferences by revealing groups of consumers exhibiting different preference patterns