Applying and using advanced analytics models in real-time

SIMCA-online from Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics monitors your processes in real time, providing you with a continuous snapshot of your operations. Not only can it help you identify when set parameters change, it allows you to fix them before they affect production – making sure your product quality remains consistent. With this level of control, you can maximize resource efficiency and minimize operational costs. You will enjoy increased confidence in the quality of your product and a genuine boost to your business growth.

Attend this webinar and learn about the Umetrics Suite´s long-lasting history and knowledge in this field, find out the values you can gain using the SIMCA-online system, and get an overview of the current system capabilities and the future trends we see.

Topics for this webinar

  • Values of the SIMCA-online system
  • How SIMCA-online works, and its infrastructure
  • All kinds of predictions
  • What SIMCA-online can do
  • Industry success stories
  • Future trends and outlook