In-House Training

By in-house training, our courses become even more valuable. There's the obvious, positive, synergetic effect of a whole group of colleagues being trained together at the same time, and the openness for in-depth discussions on the specifics of your own application areas.

Our available courses and seminars are listed on the courses page.  Click on the course title for a detailed description.  Please contact us to discuss a convenient date, or a course for a specific application.

General courses

The courses are two or three days long and assume no prior training in statistics.

Design of experiments

  • General Applications
  • Quality by Design and Design Space

​Multivariate data analysis

  • General Applications
  • Batch Applications
  • Metabonomics
  • Omics

Advanced courses

All courses are one day long and assume prior training or experience in relevant method. A combination of advanced courses with a one-day refresh of the basic course is available on demand.

Design of experiments

  • Mixture Design
  • D-Optimal Design

Multivariate data analysis

  • Multivariate Data Analysis
  • Batch Process Modelling using MVDA
  • Multivariate Data Analysis for Omics

Half-day Seminars

We offer four-hour seminars to introduce the benefits and general principles of multivariate technology.

Design of experiments and multivariate data analysis

  • Introduction for Management
  • Applications within PAT


See the following PDF file from a 2010 training course in Multivariate Data Analysis: