Consulting Services

Umetrics offers a wide variety of consulting services, for example:

• Applications of design of experiments, for screening, optimization or robustness testing
• Applications of multivariate data analysis, for overview of data, classification or regression modelling
• Tailoring of our software, such as plugins to support specific data formats, or interfacing Umetrics SIMCA-Q products to customer software.

We also provide

•  Project management
•  Implementation of process supervision systems
•  On-site application-specific training
•  Long-term co-operating services

The goal of our consulting activities is to make our expertise available to the client, and thereby inspire to self-sufficiency in the implementations of multivariate data analysis and design of experiments.


Umetrics has an established and documented workflow that ensures the high quality in the consulting activities. The main parts of this workflow are:


A pre-study is done to explore the customer's needs. Existing systems are investigated and appropriate solutions proposed. A report is prepared summarizing the work in the pre-study as well as suggesting a solution to the defined customer needs.

Project specification, Quotation

A project specification together with a quotation for the entire project is presented.

Project implementation

After acceptance from the customer, the technical solution is worked out (analysis, modeling, programming). The product is tested according to the demands specified in the pre-study. The solution is then implemented and education is carried out. A report is included.

Project evaluation

The project is evaluated in order to ensure that all customer expectations are fulfilled. Further support is offered.