Generalized subset designs, (GSD) in multivariate calibration

The generalized subset designs, GSD, is a new entry in MODDE, which is ideally suited for multivariate calibration applications. Watch this to find out more about it and how to use it in MODDE.

An introduction to mixture design

Learn more about mixture design and how to use it in MODDE

D-optimal design – what it is and when to use it

Watch this to learn more about D-optimal design.

Robust optimization

Watch this webinar and understand the basics of robust optimization, and why there is a difference between an optimal setpoint and a robust setpoint.

Design of experiments

Learn about the fundamental uses of DOE (screening, optimization and robustness testing) and how these applications can generate value from your data.

Looking beyond the central composite designs -- What other options are there for RSM DOE

In this webinar we discuss alternative design families that can be used for response surface modelling and, ultimately, for optimization.

Looking beyond the fractional factorials -- What other options are there for screening DOE

In this webinar we take a closer look at alternative screening designs, which are applicable to regular experimental domains. The pros and cons of these design families are discussed.