Manufacturing intelligence simplified

The most used solution for multivariate process monitoring

Do you want to be able to spot a process deviation when it happens and to be able to correct it? SIMCA-online is a real-time prediction system that provides you and your production team with a complete set of interactive and visual monitoring tools to ensure that batch and continuous operations run smoothly.

Efficient web client gives you the information you need where you need it

Prediction of the product quality

There are vital information in the process that cannot be directly measured. SIMCA-online can help you estimate, or predict, these values based on the measurements and correlations of all other measured values in the process, allowing less risk when making decisions on product releases.

Control and real-time operational reliability

SIMCA-online Control Advisor condenses vital information from complex operations into intuitive control charts on a single dashboard, helping your operators to monitor runs and identify deviations early. Forecast mode enables predictive monitoring, and Advised future mode enables process optimization with model predictive control.
When you have a clear view of critical parameters in your manufacturing processes and early warning of deviations, you can ensure that your complex manufacturing processes perform according to specifications, time after time. With this level of control, you can minimize the risk of batch discards, maximize resource efficiency, minimize operational costs, and save money.

With SIMCA-online, you get:

  • Early fault detection
  • Product quality improvement and assurance
  • Interpretation and analysis
  • Process visibility
  • End point prediction
  • Batch to batch comparison
  • Improved process efficiency
  • Warning of process deviations

Batch Process Modelling using MVDA

Using the latest multivariate techniques, participants will learn how to interpret complex data quickly and confidently. Discover the secrets of overviewing data tables and also learn how to build robust predictive models that turn data into decisions.

The course is composed of lectures, demonstrations and computer exercises in software SIMCA, based on real-life datasets. 

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