Become the master of your data!

EduPack is an educational package for academia with all you need to learn data analytics and have fun analyzing data. With hands-on practical skills to solve problems and explore data, you can become the master of your data. EduPack includes slide decks, exercises, recorded lectures and data analytics software to practice your skills.

Create or explore?

There are two methods for data analysis. You can either create the required knowledge with DOE EduPack for Design of Experiments, or you can explore large datasets with MVDA EduPack for Multivariate Data Analytics. Learn more about what methods will help your experiments and research below.

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“Build knowledge and understanding the smart way - to learn the most from your data”
MVDA EduPack

DOE EduPack

In Design of Experiments (DOE) you can build knowledge by setting up well planned experiments and get detailed information of how the process works. This will save you time and improve the quality of your results.

MVDA EduPack

MVDA EduPack

With Multivariate Data Analytics (MVDA) you can explore complex datasets by visualizing patterns, trends and groups of data. When capturing the systematic parts, you can turn your data into information.