Making everyday data driven decisions efficient!

Are you expected to make data driven decisions? Whatever your industry – be it petrochemicals or pharma, food or fragrance, pulp, paper or plastic – then  Easy Analytics is the solution to use. 

Data driven decsions

The right solution if you like to easily analyze your data!

Easy Analytics saves you time analyzing your data, helping you to in a few clicks add your data, analyze and create reports and you don’t have to be a data scientist to use it. It makes the information in your data easily presented in nice graphics and available to share with anyone. The entire process is represented in a modern and intuitive platform - from data organization and management, to analysis and finally information sharing. With the additional possibility to automate workflows you have a simple, fast and reliable data analysis tool suitable for data consumers rather than data analysis experts. You can export your data seamlessly into SIMCA to do further analysis.



Drag and drop

Toolbox that makes it easier for you to analyze your process data

Easy Analytics allows you to choose the most appropriate from three types of analysis tools:
Deviation analysis - An easy visual inspection tool giving a run chart and a histogram that’s how the entered limits.
Western electric rules - Quantifies the deviations according to a standard set of rules.
Capability analysis - Compares the selected sample with the specifications of the variable under inspection.

With Easy Analytics, you get:

  • Elegant and simple user interface
  • Easy access to your data 
  • Drag and drop fuctionality
  • Fast, easy and reliable analysis
  • Data Management
  • Data Insight
  • Results presented in visualized graphs
  • Reports that can be shared