Interactive performance insight!

Are you working with real-time production and want to get an easy overview of all your production plant's data in one dashboard? Whatever your industry – be it petrochemicals or pharma, food or fragrance, pulp, paper or plastic – then Umetrics™ Active Dashboard is the solution to use. 

Performance insight

Get an overview of the results from SIMCA-online

Umetrics Active Dashboard is part of the Umetrics Suite of Data Analytics Solutions. With this solution you will get the highest level of productivity from your existing assets while combating manufacturing costs to maintain product margins, and at the same time asserting the quality of your production.

Gather all data in one dashboard

Easy insights into your process data in real-time

Using results from SIMCA-online, where models control the process based on raw material characterization, IPC and process data and relate these with critical quality attributes, the end user can be certain of stable process and product performance. Several other attributes from SIMCA-online make this web based system with interactive charts suitable for birds-eye view of your production across sites, products, and time.

With Umetrics Active Dashboard, you get:

  • Elegant and simple user interface
  • Interactive charts and maps
  • Dashboard overview
  • Graphical presentation for easy interpretation and sharing results
  • Product quality assurance
  • Performance insight
  • Possibility to connect to OSIsoft’s PI system 
  • Summarized view of all SIMCA-online systems across sites, products, and time