Set up and Go!
More than just Design of Experiments software

How can you quickly improve your experimentation in product or process development? Whatever your industry – be it petrochemicals or pharma, food or fragrance, pulp, paper or plastic – then MODDE Go is your solution for Design of Experiments (DOE). 

The right solution to grow with if you are new to DOE

We have taken all the worry out of DOE – you do not have to be an expert statistician to get all the benefits. MODDE Go saves you time and effort by rationalizing your experimental plan, helping you get the most information out of the least number of experimental runs. While keeping you ahead in your work and within your development budget.

Faster, easier optimization - whatever your application

MODDE Go is the most competent and easy-to-use DOE solution you will find to help you maximize the performance of even highly complex products and processes. Its intuitive graphical interfaces and detailed data visualization let you confidently create an experimental design and interpret the results, for the most effective and accurate decisions.

With MODDE Go, you get:

  • Immediate access to complete DOE and optimization functions
  • Elegant and simple user interface
  • Competitive pricing with everything you need to get started in DOE
  • The busy experimenter’s dream: click through the process, step by step
  • The full spectrum of factorial and fractional factorial designs
  • Optimization designs for perfect experimental runs
  • Un-matched graphical presentation for easy interpretation and sharing results
  • Full access to the MODDE online Knowledge Base

Design of Experiments Course

Scientific investigations involve changing a number of controlled variables to direct the response in question towards a desired level. Design of Experiments (DOE) is a rational and cost-effective approach to practical experimentation that allows the effect of variables to be assessed using only the minimum of resources. The course is composed of lectures, demonstrations and computer exercises in software MODDE® based on real life investigations. 

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