Partner with us

Umetrics looks continually for opportunities to improve its product offering. The partnerships we have are integral to our approach to provide high quality solutions in the field of Design of Experiments and Multivariate Data Analysis.

We are looking to partner in areas such as OEM, technology platforms and resellers.Technology implementation by our experienced developers and support and training  by our application specialists ensure best value. The partnerships sought cover technologies from Design Space and QbD, through DOE software MODDE and its COM interface, all the way to real time MVA and embedded MVA systems integrating SIMCA-Q and our on-line SIMCA product portfolio.

The applications are found in areas such as PAT, QbD, Design Space and Multivariate Calibration using spectroscopic instrumentations. We also have a strong recognition and experience in fields of Computational Chemistry, QSAR, QSPR, toxic-genomics, transcriptonics and metabolomics.

Our product portfolio for OEM and integration is seen below. Umetrics offers an Software Development Kit (SDK) including technical expertise in MVA and DOE, implementation support and support for training services:

MODDE-Q - Enables integration of Design of Experiment, either as a complete OEM or a link into MODDE.

SIMCA-Q - Can be used for integrating MVA capabilities, from general applications all the way up to full chemometrics using batch and hierarchical systems. SIMCA-Q is available in forms for predictions, classification, batch monitoring and also model building using the QM family.

SIMCA-online - Provides an ongoing snapshot of your manufacturing operations. It helps production managers identify when set parameters change, and to fix them in time before they affect production processes and product quality. SIMCA-online offers drill down features thatanalyze deviations, with notification alarms to alert the production department of unexpected changes well ahead of failure.

SIMCA - Umetrics's flagship allows for integrating by the use of COM or linking to data sources using ODBC.

Contact Johan Hultman for more information.