How do I get the package I need?
Umetrics offers an SDK (Software Development Kit) that includes software components, documentation and validation reports. The SDK provides you with all relevant components for development, testing, validation and marketing.

How can I license Umetrics' products as an OEM?
We provide a flexible OEM licensing agreement for use of our embedded multivariate solutions.

Which operating systems are supported?
SIMCA-Q: Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 and Windows 8, Linux RHEL 3 or later.
MODDE-Q: Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Are Umetrics’ embedded solutions 100% compatible with the full-scale versions?
Yes. SIMCA-Q and MODDE-Q are fully compatible with the same release numbers of SIMCA and MODDE respectively.


Which interfaces are supported for integration?
SIMCA-Q: C, C++,, COM,, Python, R, MatLab, VBA.
MODDE-Q: COM-interface.

What performance does SIMCA-Q deliver?
SIMCA-Q offers high performance in the range of 50 kHz for models using 20 variables. A list of tested performance is available upon request. A faster, but limited version of SIMCA-Q that operates in the MHz range is also available.

What functionality is supported in SIMCA-Q?
SIMCA-Q offers full functionality for performing predictions, batch predictions and modeling. It lets you do everything that you can do with our offline version, SIMCA, including full diagnostics, methods etc.


Easy interfaces and integration
Our SIMCA-Q solution is easy to integrate with your software thanks to downloadable sample files. You can also download a wide range of APIs for interfacing other SIMCA products with various data sources.