Worm plot slow for projects with many workset observations (Q898)

The information in this article applies to: 
SIMCA-online 15

For a continuous (non-batch) project the following can happen:

  • A Worm plot takes a long time to show up, or does not show up at all (appears to hang the client)
  • A Worm plot is open, and the client is sluggish because each update to the Worm plot takes a long time

The plot settings are incorrect resulting in that showing the workset observations in the Worm plot takes a very long time.


Edit the plot settings for your user to contain corrected settings for the workset observations. Do as follows

  1. Locate the following file, and edit it with a text editor such as Notepad: %APPDATA%\Umetrics\SIMCA-online\15.0\Plot\glplotconfig.xml (if you dont' have this file you have never changed the plot settings for your user. Please refer to the end of the section for how to edit the default plot settings).
  2. In the file, search for "Batch Level Workset Batches" to find a <Style> section. Replace that section with the following corrected section, and then save the file.

<Style Name="Batch Level Workset Batches" Size="6" ShapeStyle="Circle" ShowLineSymbols="1">                 
  <LinePen LineStyle="Solid" LineWidth="1" LineVisible="0" LineColor="#00ffffff" />
  <OutlinePen LineStyle="Solid" LineWidth="1" LineVisible="1" LineColor="#ff888888" />
  <FillBrush BrushStyle="None" GradientStyle="None" Colors="#00ffffff;#00ffffff" />

If you want the default plot settings to be corrected too, edit the following file in the same way: C:\Program Files\Umetrics\SIMCA-online 15\glplotconfig.xml


The default plot settings file has been fixed in SIMCA-online 15.1.

Date modified: Aug 22, 2018
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