Transmittance to Absorbance filter available as plugin (Q741)

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SIMCA-P+ 12.0.1

The plugin named 'Trans2Abs' conducts a simple transformation of data to convert spectroscopic data collected in Transmittance units to Aborbance units, according to the formula: A=-logT. Note: Two versions of this plugin exist - one for 32-bit and one for 64-bit version of SIMCA. The plugin only works for matching SIMCA version (32 and 64-bit respectively).

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To download the plugin linked below, extract the .exe and .dll-files and install as follows:

  1. Run the .exe-file and follow the instructions in the installation program.
  2. Start SIMCA.
  3. In File | Options | SIMCA options, tab More options, you will find the path of the default plugin directory. This directory can be changed, as needed.
  4. Add the appropriate .dll in the plugin directory and re-start SIMCA. After installation, the filter is available by clicking Spectral filters in the Modify dataset group on the Data tab.

The .dll has been tested briefly but has not been validated. In SIMCA 13 and later the plugin directory is found on the File tab by clicking SIMCA Options; in SIMCA-P+ 12, the plugin directory is found by clicking View | General Options and Spectral Filters is available on the Dataset menu.

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Date modified: Mar 17, 2015
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