Subtracting background filter available as plugin (Q678)

The information in this article applies to: 
SIMCA 14.1
SIMCA-P+ 12.0.1

The plugin named 'Subtract Background' conducts a simple correction by subtracting a selected background observation (typically spectrum) from all other observations. Please note that secondary datasets cannot be imported after applying this filter. 

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To download the plugin linked below, extract the .exe and .dll-files and install as follows:

  1. Run the .exe-file and follow the instructions in the installation program.
  2. Start SIMCA.
  3. In File | Options | SIMCA options tab More Options, you will find the path of the default plugin directory (for SIMCA 13 the SIMCA Options dialog is opened directly from the File tab; for SIMCA-P+ 12 click View | General Options). This directory can be changed, as needed.
  4. Add the appropriate .dll in the plugin directory and re-start SIMCA. After installation the filter is available by clicking Spectral filters in the Modify dataset group on the Data tab (for SIMCA-P+ 12 click Dataset | Spectral Filters). NOTE! This is not a spectral filter but can be accessed from that menu. This feature has been tested under Windows 7 for a few datasets. The .dll has not been validated. 
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Date modified: Nov 22, 2017
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