Spectroscopy skin for SIMCA 14.1 (Q855)

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SIMCA 14.1

The SIMCA Spectroscopy skin is a customized interface dedicated to handling spectroscopy data, see SIMCA Spectroscopy Skin.

SIMCA Spectroscopy skin has a simplified interface with routinely used functionality for easy plotting, preprocessing, modelling and analysis of your spectroscopic data.

  • Simplified workflow   
  • Default settings adapted for spectroscopic data
  • Straightforward plotting of spectra and loadings
  • Wizard for spectral filter comparison
  • Specific tools for model comparison such as Q2 and RMSECV
  • One step import of model complement data
  • One step import and prediction of new samples

Updates in Spectroscopy skin for SIMCA 14.1:

  • OPLS is the new default model type in the Compare filter wizard
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How to install the Spectroscopy skin

Installing the Spectroscopy skin for SIMCA 14.1 requires that SIMCA 14.1 is installed. To get access to the installation file for the Spectroscopy skin, email us at umetrics_delivery@sartorius-stedim.com. Then install the Spectroscopy skin by running the installation file. Once the Spectroscopy skin is installed, the Skins group on the View tab is available.

How to access the Spectroscopy skin

On the View tab, in the Skins group, click Spectroscopy. The Spectroscopy skin opens and gives you access to settings, plots and ribbon suitable for spectroscopic data.

Alternatively click File | New | Spectroscopy project.

Date modified: Sep 10, 2018
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