SIMCA-online Web Client 15.1 (Q909)

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SIMCA-online 15.1

The SIMCA-online Web Client is a web-based solution for monitoring production in mobile or desktop browsers, and for displaying details about alarms when clicking links in notification emails.

The web client runs in a browser and connects to a SIMCA-online server to obtain its data.

Users log in with their SIMCA-online user names and passwords.

Demo site

There is a demo of the SIMCA-online Web Client available at from

Log in as test and with the password test

Features and User Guide

The SIMCA-online Web Client 15.1 is an updated version of the 15.0.1 release. It adds support for continuous (non-batch) project configurations along with other features.

Learn more about the features of the Web Client and how to use it in the SIMCA-online Web Client User Guide. This PDF is available on the download page for SIMCA-online (free registration required).

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Installation instructions

Refer to the User Guide (link above) for how to install and configure the Web Client on your SIMCA-online server.

Release date

The version of this release is Release date 2018-09-12.

System Requirements

The Web Client requires a SIMCA-online 15.1, 15.0.1 or 15.0.0 server. The full list of requirements is available in the User Guide.

About SIMCA-online

Learn more about new features in SIMCA-online in the knowledge base article for SIMCA-online 15.1.

Third party software

SIMCA-online Web Client uses third party JavaScript libraries. Learn more on the About page in the Web Client.

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