SIMCA-online technical guide (Q769)

The information in this article applies to: 
SIMCA-4000 12.0
SIMCA-Batch On-Line 3.4
SIMCA-online 15
SIMCA-online 14
SIMCA-online 13.3
SIMCA-online 13.2
SIMCA-online 13.1
SIMCA-online 13

SIMCA-online enables prediction of SIMCA models with data taken directly from a data source in real-time. See the SIMCA-online page on for more information.

Planning, setting up, administering, understanding and troubleshooting a SIMCA-online system can be complex tasks. This document provides guidance on these topics, complementing the User Guide and other documents that are enclosed with the product.

This document also covers technical details relating to SimApis, detailed descriptions on how the SIMCA-online server executes project configurations as well as tips and tricks for people deploying SIMCA-online solutions.

In addition, the guide also addresses frequently asked questions to the Umetrics online support email.

Download the SIMCA-online Technical Guide from the SIMCA-online Download page (one time registration required).

The document was updated on 2016-01-19. See the change log below.

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Table of Contents

1 Introduction 1
2 Server Considerations and IT Matters 3
3 SimApis – an Overview from the IT Perspective 11
4 SimApis – Behavior and Technical Details 15
5 Configuring Projects in SIMCA-online 19
6 Project Execution 26
7 Project Execution - Advanced Topics 34
8 Data Scientist Tips and Tricks 37


2016-01-19.Revised to be up-to-date with SIMCA-online 14 including the outline of a typical installation. Also documented multi-threading improvements, firewalls, local centering is now configured per unit and phase combination, caching of data for generated variables, symptoms of out-of-order data in a data source, changes in batch conditions or discrete data result in batch models being repredicted, improved guidance for troubleshooting project execution, catch-up executions are now optimized, info about the Web API. Removed some guidance that applied only to SIMCA-Batch On-Line. Many other minor corrections and additions.

2015-05-28. Revised to be up-to-date with SIMCA-online 13.3.1 and 13.2.1. Improved the documentation on how SimApis work; better explanations on nodes and tags, and SimApi error handling. New section on unit group/unit/sub-batch layouts, and how it affects project execution. Other new content include information on how generated variables are evaluated, how batch conditions are read, and how local centering works. Many other minor corrections and additions.

2014-05-19. Major revision with new content for SIMCA-online 13.2 and 13.3 and updated content derived from customer interaction. Seven new pages on the topics of system recommendations, typical installation outline, backups, server migration, SimApi deployment issues, SimApi technical documentation, project configuration tips, improved server execution logic description and troubleshooting, expanded discussion of data source compression and interpolation issues, and lots more. The Umetrics knowledge base was also updated with many new articles.

2013-06-11. Improved sections 3.7, 6.13, and 7.4. Other minor improvements. Fixed typos. 

2013-05-31. First public version. 

Date modified: Nov 21, 2017
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