SIMCA-online installer customization and client deployment (Q808)

The information in this article applies to: 
SIMCA-online 16.1
SIMCA-online 16
SIMCA-online 15.1
SIMCA-online 15
SIMCA-online 14
SIMCA-online 13.3
SIMCA-online 13.2
SIMCA-online 13.1
SIMCA-online 13

This article describes how the SIMCA-online installation program can be customized, to install specific features, such as only the client. The procedure for customization differs depending on SIMCA-online version.

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SIMCA-online 14 and earlier

In SIMCA-online 14 you use the MSI-file to perform the installation.

The installation program is built using Windows Installer, so it can be customized on the command line. Run msiexec /? to see the full command line for Windows Installer.

Since the Client is the only default feature in the installation, the command line for an automatic client installation without user intervention is:

msiexec /i c:\path\to\SIMCA-online_13_3_x64.msi /quiet

SIMCA-online 15 and later

The SIMCA-online 15 installer comes in the form of a executable file (.exe-file). To extract the MSI-file that is needed to create a custom installation as described in this KB-article, you can run the installer on a PC to install the software manually. Then open the folder %Temp% in File Explorer, and open a log file of the installation (use the date/time to find it). It contains a reference to a folder under %programdata%\Package Cache where the MSI file is located. For example C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\{4df40354-50a5-4682-8127-d7fc49c412ca}. Then copy this MSI file and use it for your deployment scenarios using the procedure outlined above for SIMCA-online 14.

If you do this you need to make sure you also install the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2015 on your PCs (if not already present). This is required, but not included in the MSI file.

Alternatively to use the MSI file, you can also select features from the executables using the command line. The following line installs all features, including the Web Client.

.\SIMCA-online_15_x64_Setup.exe -quiet ADDLOCAL=Client,Server,MonitorFeature,DemoProjectsFeature WEBLOCAL=All

Date modified: Mar 25, 2020
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