SIMCA-online 15 Web Client 15.0.1 (Q895)

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SIMCA-online 15

The SIMCA-online Web Client is a web-based solution for monitoring production in mobile or desktop browsers, and for displaying details about alarms when clicking links in notification emails.

The web client runs in a browser and connects to a SIMCA-online server to obtain its data.

Users log in with their SIMCA-online user names and passwords.

Demo site

There is a demo of the SIMCA-online Web Client available at which you can use to test the product without installing anything.

Log in as test and with the password test

Features and User Guide

SIMCA-online Web Client 15.0.1 is an updated version of the 15.0 release. It introduces a new Units view, enables filtering, has an improved user experience, and fixes various minor things.

Learn more about the features of the Web Client and how to use it in the SIMCA-online 15.0.1 Web Client User Guide. This PDF is available on the download page for SIMCA-online (free registration required).

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System Requirements

The Web Client requires a SIMCA-online 15.0.1 or 15.0.0 server. The full list of requirements is available in the User Guide.

Installation instructions

Refer to the User Guide (link above) for how to install and configure the Web Client on your SIMCA-online 15.0.1 server.

Release date

The full version of this release is It was released on 2018-02-27.

Third party software

SIMCA-online Web Client uses many third party JavaScript libraries. Learn more on the About page in the Web Client.

About SIMCA-online 15

Learn more about new features in SIMCA-online 15.0.1 in the knowledge base article for SIMCA-online 15.0.1.

Date modified: Sep 11, 2018
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