SIMCA-online 14.0.1 (Q860)

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SIMCA-online 14

SIMCA-online 14.0.1 is an update to SIMCA-online 14.0 that prevents the server from hanging in some situations, and adds new functionality related to critical quality attributes and meta data of project configurations. The web API has been extended to support this data, and data from active batches.

Umetrics recommends that customers use 14.0.1 for new installations, and that customers upgrade if they benefit from the improvements.

Note: The 14.0.1 patch will be a requirement for Umetrics Suite Active Dashboard that aggregates and visualizes data, including critical quality attributes, from multiple SIMCA-online servers.

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This update includes the following changes:

Fixes in this patch:

  • SIMCA-online 14 clients stops updating, displays Not Responding in window title (Q859)
  • Scatter plots for continuous configurations now only shows an ellipse when score vectors are selected on both axes
  • The Web Server component now correctly handles more than one cookie from the same domain when authenticating users

New functionality:

  • A new page, Meta data, for configurations where you can specify the product that is produced, and the geographical location of the product
  • Batch conditions can now use discrete data retrieval mode
  • New tab, Refresh batch conditions, in the Repredict data dialog for refreshing Y-variable batch condition data
  • Web API changes to provide access data for active batches (not yet completed batches), information on phases and units, audit trail data, alarms, for refreshing batch condition data and returning critical quality attribute data

Read more on SIMCA-online 14.0.

Technical details
SIMCA-online 14.0.1 cannot be installed in parallel with SIMCA-online 14.0.0. Running the installation on a system with 14.0.0 will update that installation to 14.0.1. The same installation files can also be used to install 14.0.1 from scratch.

Once upgraded to 14.0.1 the database of that installation will not work with SIMCA-online 14.0.0.

This patch introduces changes in many of the SIMCA-online components. This means that both clients and servers need to be updated. A 14.0.1 client cannot connect to a 14.0.0 server and vice versa.

This patch does not require a new license, the same license as for 14.0 is used.

Learn more about the SIMCA-online 14.0 release. What is described there still applies to 14.0.1.

The setup program can be used to install the full 14.0.1 product, or be installed over an existing 14.0.0 installation. In the latter case it replaces the old installation completely.

To update an existing installation, use the following steps on the server computer:

  1. Stop the SIMCA-online Server 14.0 service and exit any running clients and the server monitor on that computer. Take a note of the service credentials used for the SIMCA-online server service in the Services control panel. You need to restore the credentials in step 3 since the setup program doesn’t migrate them
  2. Run the setup program and follow the instructions on screen. This will replace the old installation with the updated 14.0.1 installation
  3. Reconfigure the service credentials with the settings from step 1
  4. Start the SIMCA-online Server service again
  5. Update all client installations to 14.0.1 by running the setup program, so that they can connect to the server

Release date
The full version of this patch is It was released on 2016-05-04.

Numerical validation
SIMCA-online 14.0.1 has been numerically validated. The validation report is available at

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