SIMCA 16.0.2 (Q933)

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Umetrics SIMCA® 16.0.2 is now available.

SIMCA 16.0.2 is a minor release including:

  • Fix of gray shadow issue on some 4K monitors.
  • Fixes of bugs related to the Data Explorer pane.
  • MOCA algorithm changes to improve speed and convergence of internal vectors. This may result in slightly different components in MOCA models compared with previous release.

More information about SIMCA is available at our website:

More Information: 

To receive a 30 day trial of SIMCA 16, go to and fill in the form. In the trial version copy, paste, print and the report generator are disabled. Scripting is not available in the trial version. All other functionality is available.

Release date:

The full version number of this release is It was released February 13, 2020.

Date modified: Feb 13, 2020
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