SIMCA 16 (Q919)

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SIMCA 16 is a major upgrade of SIMCA 15.

New features and changes in SIMCA 16:

  • Advanced merge of datasets
  • Data Explorer pane which includes
    • Appearance for direct customization of plot visualisation
    • Properties for direct interaction with plots
    • Quick info
    • Trimming/Winzorizing
    • What-If
    • Score space exploration
    • Solver
    • Advisor
  • Getting started guided tour for first time users
  • New Python possibilities
    • Updated to CPython 3.7.1
    • Create and use plugins for custom file formats and spectral filters
    • Easy installation of additional Python packages using Pip install
  • MOCA Multiblock Orthogonal Component Analysis
  • OPLS has been extended to include all O2PLS calculations. O2PLS has therefore been removed
  • Workset dialog improvements
    • Integrated Quick info
    • Wizard mode for improved workflow
  • New report generator with report saved inside the project file

For more details on what's new, see the attached document "SIMCA 16 What's new".

More information about SIMCA is available at our website:

More Information: 

To receive a 30 day trial of SIMCA 16, go to and fill in the form. In the trial version copy, paste, print and the report generator are disabled. Scripting is not available in the trial version. All other functionality is available.

Release date:

The full version number of this release is It was released May 7, 2019.

Date modified: May 07, 2019
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