SIMCA 14.1 (Q845)

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SIMCA 14.1

SIMCA 14.1 is a minor upgrade of SIMCA 14.

With SIMCA 14.1 Umetrics focus on:

  • Seamless integration with SIMCA-online for straightforward model update.
  • Extended scripting functionality.
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New features in SIMCA 14.1:

  • Model update possibility
  • SIMCA-online metadata shown after using Update SIMCA project in SIMCA-online 
  • Complement batch level models with batches not in Batch evolution model
  • Scripting capabilities
  • Export vectors to Python
        - Import vectors from Python
        - Batch level dataset creation
        - Selected Model options features
        - Hierarchical model building
        - Workset Lag, Transform and Expand

NOTE: SIMCA 14.1 files are not backwards compatible with SIMCA 14.


To receive a 30 day trial of SIMCA 14.1, go to, log in and download the SIMCA 14.1 package. In the trial version copy, paste, print and the report generator are disabled. Scripting is not available in the trial version. All other functionality is available. 


The setup program will install SIMCA 14.1 in parallel with SIMCA 14.

Release date:

The full version of this release is It was released November 18, 2015.

Date modified: Nov 22, 2017
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