Silent installation (Q922)

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MODDE 12.1

The software listed in this article can be installed silently by following the instructions below.

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To install the software listed at the top of this article silently, run the setup.exe-file with the following arguments:
> setup.exe /quiet LICENSESTRING =xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

where setup.exe is the name of the installation file, for instance SIMCA_16_x64_Setup.exe and ACTIVATIONKEY is your activation key.   

If you wish to connect to a license server, the arguments are:
> setup.exe /quiet ACTIVATIONKEY=server 

If you wish to install the software as a demo, the arguments are:
> setup.exe /quiet ACTIVATIONKEY=demo

Note! You need to start the command prompt with Administrative privileges and browse to the folder where the setup program is located.

Optionally for SIMCA 16
By default the installation program will install SIMCA including Python support. To change which features to be installed, use the ADDLOCAL argument with value ‘SIMCA’, ‘Python’ or ‘ShellExt’. Separate the features you want to install with comma.

For instance, install SIMCA without Python support:

> setup.exe /quiet ADDLOCAL=SIMCA

Install SIMCA with Python support and shell extension:
> setup.exe /quiet ADDLOCAL=Python,ShellExt


> setup.exe /quiet ADDLOCAL=All

To install SIMCA with locked audit trail:
> setup.msi /quiet LOCKAUDITTRAIL=yes


Date modified: Nov 21, 2019
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