Response box DPI-issue (Q875)

The information in this article applies to: 

For some users with high resolution screens, the Response box is not properly displayed. 


Reset the ribbon by clicking File | Options, Customize ribbon and Reset. 

Note! The Response box will become even smaller the next time MODDE is run, but resetting it again brings it up to regular size. 

If you want permanently reset the Response box to regular size, so that you do not have to reset the ribbon each time you start MODDE, do as follows;

  1. Reset the ribbon (as described above).
  2. Make the ribbon changes you want, such as adding items to the Quick Access Toolbar.
  3. Open the File Explorer and type %appdata%\MODDE
  4. On the View tab, select the Hidden items check box.
  5. Make the file named 'CommandBars_Layout-4' read-only (Properties, select the Read-only check box).

The possibility to switch responses is of course also still available in the Properties dialog.

Date modified: Mar 03, 2017