Omics skin for SIMCA 14.1, version 1.1 (Q857)

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SIMCA 14.1

Omics skin for SIMCA 14.1 has a simplified and focused interface containing routinely used functionality for easy plotting, modeling and analysis of omics data. In addition, the Analysis wizard offers an interactive step-by-step guide to identify discriminating parameters between 2 groups of observations.

This version is compatible with SIMCA 14.1 only and contains the same features as the previous version.

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Installing the Omics skin for SIMCA 14.1 requires that SIMCA 14.1 is installed. Install the Omics skin by running the installation file (contact for access to the installation file). Once the Omics skin is installed, the Skins group on the View tab is available.

On the View tab, in the Skins group, click Omics. The Omics skin opens and gives you access to settings, plots and ribbon suitable for omics data.

Alternatively click File | New | Omics project.

Release date:
Omics skin for SIMCA 14.1, version 1.1 was released 2016-03-09.

Date modified: May 07, 2018
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