Multiple instances of the same SimApi on a SIMCA-online server (Q803)

The information in this article applies to: 
SIMCA-online 15
SIMCA-online 14
SIMCA-online 13.3
SIMCA-online 13.2
SIMCA-online 13.1

SIMCA-online 13.1 and later support several instances of the same SimApi on a SIMCA-online server. This enables the server to connect to two different data sources of the same type; for example two databases running on two different external systems.

More Information: 

This feature only works with SimApis that has implemented support for this feature. If a SimApi supports this feature it is documented in its user guide. 

Currently (January 2015) Umetrics has relased the ODBC SimApi 2.1.0 with support for multiple instances. OPC HDA and IP21 have been prepared for multiple instances but these versions are not ready for release yet. All Umetrics SimApi can be modified to support mulitple instances on request. For a list of all SimApis, see

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Note: The OSIsoft PI-AF SimApi (obtained from OSIsoft) supports multiple instances running on the same SIMCA-online server out of the box. The older PI SimApi that uses the PI SDK also support multiple instances, but only if the folder of the SimApi is duplicated for each instance. 

How to configure multiple instances of a a SimAPI

Here is how you configure two separate instances of the same SimApi:

  1. Launch SIMCA-online Server Options and click on the SimApi tab.
  2. Click Add to add the first instance of the SimApi
    Give it a name and browse to the SimApi DLL and click OK.
    Click the Configure button. 
    Complete the SimApi configuration, following the instructions in the user guide of the SimApi.
  3. Click Add again, and repeat the above steps. This time give the SimApi another instance name but use the same DLL file.
Date modified: Nov 21, 2017
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