Monitor variables without model influence in SIMCA-online (Q914)

The information in this article applies to: 
SIMCA 14.1
SIMCA 13.0.2
SIMCA-online 15.1
SIMCA-online 15
SIMCA-online 14
SIMCA-online 13.3
SIMCA-online 13.2
SIMCA-online 13.1
SIMCA-online 13

To monitor a variable in SIMCA-online it needs to be either (A) part of the model or (B) part of a generated variable that is part of the model. 

In case (B) you can exclude the variable and still monitor it in SIMCA-online. Case (A) is described in Workaround below.


To make an original variable lack influence on the model and predictions, both in SIMCA and in SIMCA-online, and still keep it in the model:

  1. Open the Workset and click the Scale tab.
  2. Mark the variable.
  3. In the Modifier field, enter 0 and click Set.
  4. Close the Workset dialog and make sure that you click No to not remove the modified variable that now lacks variance.
More Information: 

Note that down weighting a variable using a very small weight in order to make it lack influence may result in unexpected behavior in the DModX plot in SIMCA-online. We therefore advise against this method.

Date modified: Jan 29, 2019
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