MODDE 12 (Q876)

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MODDE 12 is a major upgrade of MODDE 11 and the new features include:

  • One-Click feature, including automatic outlier detection, transformation and model tuning.
  • Generalized subset designs – A unique design setup that generates a sequence of reduced design sets.
  • Improved advisor in the Analysis wizard.
  • Definitive screening designs for 4 to 30 factors.
  • Response correlation effect optionally included in Design Space calculations.
  • Qualitative factors with missing level supported.

Release date:

MODDE 12 was released February 21, 2017.


To receive a 30 day trial of MODDE, go to and download the MODDE package. In the trial version you can access all functionality.

Date modified: Apr 11, 2018
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