MODDE 11.0.2 (Q848)

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MODDE Pro 11.0.2 and MODDE Go 11.0.2 are minor upgrades including a legal name update only.

New with this release is that MODDE Go is now available as Trial.

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The legal name update has no impact whatsoever on any functionality in the software.

To receive a 30 day trial of MODDE 11, go to and click DOWNLOAD TRIALS/VISIT OUR WEBSHOP.

After 30 days MODDE needs to be activated. If not activated you will still be able to run MODDE in the limited MODDE Learn version. MODDE Learn supports almost all features available in MODDE Pro for full factorial designs with 3 factors and 2 responses.

The setup program can be used to install the full 11.0.2 product, or be installed over an existing 11 installation. In the latter case it replaces the old installation completely.

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The full version of this patch is It was released 2016-03-01.

Date modified: Nov 22, 2017
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