Incorrect data in SIMCA-online 15 after phase resumes from sleep (Q892)

The information in this article applies to: 
SIMCA-online 15

You observe incorrect values in evolution plots, lists or through the web api for a batch when it resumes from sleep. This happens when executing a phase that has a sleep condition that evaluates to true for at least one observation during the phase, and when that phase subsequently resumes from sleep.

Note that this only affects project configurations which use sleep conditions, and when the batch resumes execution after a period of sleep.


A sleep condition in a project configuration can be used to ignore observations during execution of a phase.

SIMCA-online 15 fails to ignore such observations, when copying data from internal structures, resulting in the wrong data being copied for all observations that occur after a period of a sleep.


The only workaround is to avoid using sleep conditions during the execution of the phase.

If the sleep condition evaluates to true at the end of the batch, it will work correctly since there are no observations following the period of sleep.


Has been fixed in SIMCA-online 15.0.1.

Date modified: Feb 27, 2018