Easy Analytics 1.2 (Q885)

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Easy Analytics 1.2
Umetrics Easy Analytics 1.2, part of the Umetrics™ Suite of Data Analytics Solutions, is now available!
Easy Analytics 1.2 is a minor release including change of legal name to Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics AB.
Feature updates:
  • New Excel parser resulting in faster import of Excel files.
  • Database Import improvements to speed up data import.
  • Re-introduction of Fill last good value feature on the Merge view.
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This is a service release, free for all Easy Analytics 1 users. To download, go to https://umetrics.com/downloads/easy-analytics, log in and download the Easy Analytics package.

Release date:

The full version number of this release is It was released October 25, 2017.

Date modified: Oct 25, 2017
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