Easy Analytics 1.1 (Q869)

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Easy Analytics 1.1

Easy Analytics 1.1 is a minor upgrade of Easy Analytics 1.

New features in Easy Analytics 1.1

  • Western Electric rules
  • Capability Analysis
  • Import from database

This solution aims at making the information potential from data available to everybody. The data from your process or quality control is presented in a modern and intuitive platform - from data organization and management, to analysis and finally information sharing. With the additional possibility to automate workflows you have a simple, fast and reliable data analysis tool suitable for data consumers rather than data analysis experts. 

More Information: 

To download, open the webshop, log in and download the Easy Analytics 1.1 package. 

Release date:

The full version number of this release is It was released November 1, 2016.

Date modified: Nov 16, 2016
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