Batch models different in SIMCA 14.1 compared to previous versions (Q849)

The information in this article applies to: 
SIMCA 14.1

In SIMCA 14.1 the default batch cross validation grouping positions all observations belonging to the same batch in the same cross validation group (Group batches in cross validation set to Yes). In SIMCA 14 and earlier the default batch cross validation grouping was that of regular projects, resulting in that observations were distributed independent of batch belonging.


To use the cross validation groups of SIMCA 14, click File | Options | Project options, and on the Batch tab change Group batches in cross validation to No.

More Information: 

The changed cross validation may result in;

  • Different Q2 and or R2
  • Different number of significant components found using autofit.

The new cross validation groups are default in batch projects created in SIMCA 14.1 and later. When opening a SIMCA 14 batch project in SIMCA 14.1, and creating new models, the old default is used.

Date modified: Jan 18, 2016
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