Active Dashboard 2.0.2 (Q935)

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Active Dashboard 2

Active Dashboard, part of the Umetrics Suite, is a client/server solution with a server that connects to SIMCA-online servers or OSIsoft PI servers to obtain and calculate data, and with client web browsers to view and interact with dashboards.

This article is about Active Dashboard 2.0.2 release specifically. It contains fixes for the OSIsoft PI data connector, but no changes for the SIMCA-online data connector.

For information about the Active Dashboard 2 release, see

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Changes in version 2.0.2

  • An updated Installation Guide.pdf that also applies to the 2.0 version (except for new features described below).
  • Added aliases for the attribute 'Location coordinates'. The new alternative names are are 'Location coordinates' (number array), 'LocationCoordinates' (number array), 'LocationLatitude' together with 'LocationLongitude' (numbers). There is a priority order if more than one of them is used which is 'Location coordinates' > 'LocationCoordinates' > 'LocationLatitude' and 'LocationLongitude'.
  • Attribute 'Location coordinates' is no longer required (although still recommended as it enables the map measure in Active Dashboard)
  • Added validation for 'Location coordinates' attribute, if it fails (for example the values are strings) then the attribute is ignored, and instead of crashing an error is logged (if logging is enabled)
  • Added default values for 'total' and 'progress' when calculating the initial synchronization progress to avoid potential problems
  • Fixed the 'seed' scripts that took arguments ('seed dataset' for example): the argument was not used which meant that some database tables were seeded/cleared unintentionally and others were not seeded/cleared at all.

System requirements

  • The most recent version of MongoDB that is tested and works with Active Dashboard is 3.4.4.
  • The most recent version of NodeJS that is tested and works with Active Dashboard is 8.10.0 LTS.

For other system requirements, see the Active Dashboard 2 article.

Obtaining the 2.0.2 release

Contact the SIMCA-online support to obtain this release.

Installation and troubleshooting instructions

Refer to the Installation Guide.PDF found in the zip file for how to install Active Dashboard. This document also contains instructions for troubleshooting and managing the databases.

Upgrading a previous installation

  1. Extract the into a temporary folder, it contains some documents and another zip with the application
  2. Stop the Active Dashboard service
  3. Copy and rename the current server/config folder to 'config_backup'. This is to back up your settings, for example collectors.config.json, license.json etc.
  4. Extract the inner to the installation folder (C:\ActiveDashboard by default) and replace all files when prompted
  5. If you have made changes to server/config/environment/production.js you will need to copy that from the backed up config folder to restore it
  6. Start the service again

Release date
The full version of this release is It was released on 2020-03-20.

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