Active Dashboard 1 (Q863)

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Active Dashboard 1

Active Dashboard, part of the Umetrics Suite, is a client/server solution with a server that connects to SIMCA-online servers to obtain and calculate data, and with client web browsers to view and interact with dashboards.

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System requirements

To set up an Active Dashboard solution:

  • SIMCA-online 14.0.1 needs to be installed on at least one computer on the network.
  • The Web Server component of the SIMCA-online server must be enabled in SIMCA-online Server Options.
  • Active Dashboard server computer requirements:
     - 64-bit Windows computer that also fulfills the system requirements of SIMCA-online 14.0. See
     - At least 4 GB RAM is recommended
     - The computer can be the same that runs SIMCA-online server for testing purposes, or a different computer with network connectivity to the SIMCA-online server.
  • Supported desktop web browsers are the latest versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, Firefox and Edge. Supported mobile browsers are Safari on IOS 9 and Chrome. Performance is best in Chrome.

Demo version
A demo version is available for the updated Active Dashboard 2. Read more at

Downloadable installation and user guides

The full product documentation is available from the download page for Active Dashboard at (a simple one-time registration is required). There you'll find:

  • The installation guide that provides IT administrator with all information necessary to install and configure the server to connect to SIMCA-online servers, and optionally also Windows Active Directory for user authentication.
  • The user guide that shows end users how to connect to Active Dashboard and interact with dashboards, and how to filter data to suit their needs. The guide also shows dashboard administrators how to create new dashboards, and contains technical details on how the product works.

Product delivery

On the download page you'll also find the installation package. To unzip the files you need a password obtained from Umetrics Delivery following an order.


The license of Active Dashboard is set to expire at a predefined date. Starting 30 days before this date you will be notified about this when logging in to Active Dashboard.

Release date

The full version of this release is It was released on 2016-06-15.

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