Umetrics Suite release of SIMCA 15 and SIMCA-online 15

It’s just gotten easier for you to analyze the increasing amount of data gathered from your production and processes, and to make better decisions. We are excited to introduce the latest updates in the Umetrics Suite™ of Data Analytics Solutions: SIMCA® 15 and SIMCA®-online 15. Among many other new innovations, the integration between the two solutions has been even further improved, making it easier for you to transfer and update models. 

The SIMCA®-online Solution helps you to compare your current production with an optimal reference process model in real-time. With the tool, you will catch process deviations early since it also takes correlation patterns into account. The tool also provides instant knowledge of the product quality to assure process consistency. Finally, using the Control Advisor in SIMCA-online, you will see process failures ahead of time by generating a forecast of the future process, and the system will even give advice on how to improve your process to reach a more optimal target.

SIMCA® is our Multivariate Data Analysis Solution that can help you to find the hidden information in your data. It helps you to visualize your data for easier interpretation, so that you can make decisions and take action. SIMCA can handle many types of data, and the more data that you use, the more you will discover the strengths of SIMCA.

News in the Umetrics Suite:

  • Use the new web client to gain an overview of your processes on devices such as tablets or mobile phones
  • Upload projects from SIMCA directly to available SIMCA-online server for a more streamlined workflow and faster model updating
  • Model and monitor complex batch processes with support for sub-batches and reworks.
  • Better account for dynamic processes with varying speeds and gain clearer visualization of the effects of time on continuous projects.
  • Validate your model using SIMCA-online to define alarm ranges and rules already in SIMCA.
  • Easily create monitoring projects directly in SIMCA-online, which lets anyone in the organization create rudimentary process models
  • Set up a notification system to shorten response time to process hiccups.

Download your 30-day free trial of SIMCA today and try the new functionality or if you want to find out how you can benefit from SIMCA-online book a demo.

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