Umetrics Easy Analysis now released!

MKS Data Analytics Solutions announces the release of Umetrics Easy Analytics 1.1 with a new toolbox for Western electric rules and Capability analysis.

Easy Analytics is an easy to use, stand-alone, solution that that imports, organizes and analyzes process and quality data.  Easy Analytics has been designed for simplicity of use and clarity of results which can help users to analyze and process their data without being a data scientist or expert. In one click, users can import data to standardized or customized reports of quality and process status. By reducing the number of clicks required Easy Analytics minimizes the risk of errors and facilitates process status communication.

In addition to the standard functionality of Easy Analytics, a toolbox containing Western electric rules and Capability analysis will also be released.  The toolbox enables excellent data visualization and deviation quantification, and makes it possible for the process engineer and development scientist to see situations in data that don’t behave as expected. Easy Analytics can be directly connected to SIMCA® Multivariate Data Analysis Solution, for a deeper analysis of identified issues.

Read more about Easy Analytics here or download you 30- day free trial today.