Tornado Spectral Systems Announces SpectralSoft 3.0 for Raman Analysis

Integrated Prediction Engine Extends Stand-Alone Operation for Continuous Manufacturing

October 15, 2019. Toronto, Canada – Tornado Spectral Systems Inc., a leading manufacturer of Raman analyzers for real-time process monitoring, released today a key update of its instrument control software SpectralSoft. Version 3.0 features an embedded prediction engine supporting the widely used SIMCA® .USP calibration model format, offering users stand-alone operation for continuous manufacturing.

SpectralSoft 3.0 includes many new features and improvements which include the following:

  • Integrated prediction engine
  • Enhancements to instrument calibration utilities
  • Multi-channel update for remote control
  • Improved robustness and reliability

“With the addition of embedded prediction, we simplified the delivery model by eliminating the need for users to manage intermediate spectral data files” states Scott Baker, CEO at Tornado Spectral Systems. “We are responding to our biopharmaceutical customers’ requirement for a total measurement solution. Version 3.0 takes the HyperFlux Raman analyzer to the next level by providing an automatic, high-precision, real-time prediction.” Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics’ prediction engine (SIMCA®) enables a higher degree of automation and real-time monitoring for continuous manufacturing and process development. Building and embedding these multivariate SIMCA® models has proven to be vital for increasing process understanding and control across all industries. “The bioprocessing and continuous manufacturing markets have clear needs for advanced data analytics, particularly as an integrated ‘turn-key’ solution. This is a great new collaboration, and a clear win for all of our customers wanting to use Raman for enhancing manufacturing intelligence by predicting the current and future states of their process,” states Johan Hultman, Manager – OEM & Partners for Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics AB.

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