Spectroscopy skin for SIMCA 14.1, version 1.2 released

The SIMCA Spectroscopy skin is a customized interface dedicated for handling spectroscopy data and is now released for SIMCA 14.1.

The interface in Spectroscopy skin had a simplified interface with routinely used functionality for easy plotting, preprocessing, modeling and analysiis of your spectroscopic data.

  • Simplified workflow
  • Default settings adapted for spectroscopic data
  • Straightforward plotting for spectra and loadings
  • Wizard for spectral filter comparision
  • Specfic tools for model comparison such as Q2 and RMSECV
  • One step import for model complement data
  • One step import and prediction of new samples

Updates in Spectroscopy skin for SIMCA 14.1:

  • OPLS new default model type in the Compare filter wizard

To download Spectroscopy skin visit the Download page for SIMCA.

Join our upcoming webinar on Spectroscopy skin to learn more.