SIMCA-online 15.1 launched today!

SIMCA-online 15.1 launched today!

SIMCA-online is a real-time prediction system that provides you and your production team with a complete set of interactive and visual monitoring tools to ensure that batch and continuous operations run smoothly. 

With the new web client you can access your manufacturing data from anywhere, which enables you to react to any deviations or problems earlier and this will help you stay on top of your production. SIMCA-online will also help you to minimize your operational costs, increase confidence in the product quality and maximize resource efficiency among, many other things.

New features in SIMCA-online 15.1

In this launch we have also improved the alarm functionality, the rolling view, and made robustness improvements.

  • The web client on smart devices has been updated
    • Can now handle continuous (non-batch) project configurations
    • No updates of versions of clients needed
  • Improved alarm functionalities
  • Rolling view that lets you see what is important right now
  • Robustness improvements that can handle loss of connection for batch processes

Do you want to try the web client in SIMCA-online 15.1? Log in as Test and with the password test.