SIMCA 16 now launched!

Today we announce the release of SIMCA 16

SIMCA is a Multivariate Data Analysis Solution that helps you see what others don’t. It enables you to understand your complex data and helps you to turn data into knowledge. SIMCA transforms your data into visual information for easy interpretation. This enables you to make decisions and take action – quickly and with confidence.

In this release we have made several updates to make it easier for the user and also adding new functionality to keep up with customer and market requests.

User experience and ease of use

  • Improvements in context based ribbons and plot interaction
  • Guided and interactive tour of SIMCA
  • Workset wizard that guides you through how to setup a model in SIMCA
  • Advanced data merging within SIMCA, so you do not need to do preprocessing of you data

Converting model knowledge into action

  • Score space exploration, to help turn interesting model ideas into real life factor combinations
  • Multivariate solver that based on your desired output (quality attributes) finds the best factor settings to accomplish your goals.

MOCA – A novel tool for multiblock analysis

  • Support for analyzing more than two blocks of data

Flexibility in data import and preprocessing

  • Use Python to create plugins for extended file import support or data preprocessing. Plugins enables you to import any file type and use the latest preprocessing techniques together with the already installed functions inside SIMCA

Already made up your mind and what to try out the new functionality, download a 30 day free trial today.