SIMCA 14 released

Master your data with SIMCA 14

SIMCA 14 is a major upgrade of SIMCA 13, now including support for Unicode which is a computing industry standard for consistent encoding, representation and handling of text expressed in most of the world’s writing systems. This means that SIMCA can now import and represent characters earlier not supported.
This release also includes time saving features, as well as a complemented toolbox for extensive multivariate data analysis, helping you to optimize your processes and save time. The major new features included in the release are listed below. 
Scripting using Python allows you to write and use scripts to automate your day-to-day work, helping you to save time when performing repetitive work. The scripts can also be shared across the organization to streamline data analysis tasks.
Workspace enhances ease of use. All plots and tables, customized as desired, are saved and reopened the next time you open the project. Combine with memory notes of the analysis in the new
Notes pane for efficient information sharing across your organization as well as saving for future reference.
What-If analysis allows use of model to predict what will happen when data is adjusted, making SIMCA 14 an excellent tool for simulation and process understanding.
OPLS improvements include batch evolution models based on OPLS allowing superior interpretation. Permutation test for validation of OPLS models has been introduced as well as Variable Influence on Projection (VIP).
New graphics and plots including the new plot ROC and plot type DOT.
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