MODDE 12 now released!

New functionalities has been added to MODDE to make it easier for you to do your data analysis.

With the new one-click analysis, you can run the analysis wizard in one click. This enables you to do the analysis quicker and it will help you too see that you are using the correct model.

Two new designs are also included in the release and they are:

The generalized subset designs, GSD, is a new entry in MODDE providing a possibility to accomplish reduced designs even when handling multiple multilevel factors. This design setup generates a series of reduced designs, subsets that are logically linked, such that, when combined, all subsets will add up to a full multilevel multifactorial design where all factor combinations are encoded by the global design. Conceptually, the output of GSD is similar to how two-level fractional factorial designs represent complementary reductions of two-level full factorial designs.

Definitive screening designs are available when there are at least 4 factors in an investigation. These designs are parsimonious and the minimum number of runs is 2k+1 (excluding replicates) for k factors. With definitive screening designs all factors are performed at 3 levels. The default regression model is a model with linear and quadratic terms, but no two-factor interactions. It should be observed that the sever confounding pattern among the two factor interactions limits the main interpretation to the linear and quadratic part in the investigation.

The connection to SIMCA has also been established. This enables you to easily continue your analysis in SIMCA and merge the DOE setup with big tables of data such as for example raw data and process data.

Download your 30-days free trial today and try out the new functionalities