Get it right from the start with MODDE 12.1

MODDE is your solution for Design of Experiments and Quality by Design analysis. This solution will enable you to include all the interesting factors by combining several experiments in to one single experiment setup. By reducing the number of experiments, you also reduce cost and time to market.

News in MODDE 12.1 Pro

A new feature in this release is Reduced Combinational Designs available in Optimization Design Generation. Reduced Combinatorial Design will give you a good selection of combinations from all possible settings according to what has been specified for the experiment. Reduced Combinational works as a perfect alternative to a D-Optimal design when you have several multilevel factors and handles the need for balancing of the experimental setup.

Updates in MODDE 12.1 Pro

MODDE 12.1 is an update to the previously released MODDE 12 with some updates and modifications of existing functionality.

Updates are:

  • Default individual response models with PLS regression
  • Improved optimization and plotting with quantitative multilevel factors.

Curious for more details about MODDE 12.1?

We offer you a 30 day free trial with full access to all functionalities. The installation package includes ‘MODDE 12 What’s new.pdf’ with a comprehensive list of new and updated functionality. Read more and get your free trial here

How to upgrade to MODDE 12.1

Customers with a valid maintenance agreement expiring after April 17, 2018 are eligible for a free upgrade to MODDE 12.1. Installation information will be sent out by email shortly after the release of MODDE 12.1