Umetri AB was founded by a group from Dept of Organic Chemistry at Umeå University, namely professors Svante Wold and Rolf Carlsson and their two graduate students Conny Wikström and Åsa Nilsson. The business idea was to make consulting and teaching to European chemical and pharmaceutical industry based on the methodology of multivariate data analysis (MVA) and design of experiments (DOE) with which the group was doing research under the name of Chemometrics. Among the first generation of customers, companies like Astra Hässle, LKAB, and Nobel Chemicals were found. Åsa Nilsson was the first CEO


A decision to develop an own multivariate software package resulted in a MS-DOS software called SIMCA-4R. A small package for design of experiments, called MODDE, was also released. Christer Albano became CEO. On-line software started to be developed together with ABB Automation. The first residential training course was given in Umeå, Sweden. 7 employees.


MODDE for Windows was released, followed by SIMCA-P 3.0 for Windows.


Umetri offered software for both MVA and DOE running under Windows 3.0.


Ericsson Erisoft joined as new on-line partner.


Investor Growth Capital became one of the major shareholders of Umetrics.


The company continued to expand with new offices in Sweden and daughter companies started up business in UK (Umetrics Ltd.) and USA (Umetrics Inc.). The Enterprise Platform concept was introduced. Heavy investments were made in the on-line product development. Umetri AB changed its name to Umetrics AB.


Investor injected more capital, which allowed Umetrics to continue its development and market expansion program.


CEO Lars Österberg joined Umetrics. New chairman of the board was Per-Arne Sandström. 50 employees. Umetrics reached an all-time high in both revenue and profit.


The second office in the USA opened in Napa, California. Another all-time high in revenue and profit.


MKS Instruments new owner of Umetrics. Nouna Kettaneh-Wold becomes General Manager.


Umetrics 20 years.


Lars Lindström becomes General Manager
Professor Johan Trygg is awarded the 9th Herman Wold medal
MODDE integrated in GE Healthcare's Unicorn 6 software
MODDE 9 released
SIMCA-4000 12.0 released


New umetrics.com web site launched
Umetrics reached an all-time high in sales


Umetrics books available on Google Books
New Umetrics partner: OSIsoft


SIMCA version 13 released
OPC certification for SIMCA
SBOL is recognised as honoree of a presigious Innovations Award
SIMCA-online version 13 released
SIMCA-Q version 13 released
Umetrics reached an all-time high in sales


SIMCA Spectroscopy Skin released